About Mandayla

About Mandayla

About mandalas

Mandala means “sacred circle” in Sanskrit. These beautiful circles have been in existence for centuries, captivating people with their ornate detail. More recently, psychologists have been using them with their patients. And they have gained some cultural popularity.

About me
As a young girl, I was an avid artist. I would spend hours drawing in my room, replicating the world around me and in my own mind. I enjoyed drawing, but also the process, which enabled me to get to a different mind space and perspective. It was this space that actually got me into writing, which entails a similar process of drawing something forth. It has become my preferred medium, although I love all forms of creativity.

I have always been interested in Asian culture and artwork. Recently, I have become fascinated with mandalas and felt compelled to start creating my own. I am happy to report that it has reawakened the creativity I felt as a young girl, and is bleeding over into my writing, too.

I love coming up with new designs and watching the seed in the center of the circle grow into a larger whole. It opens my mind up to thinking about things in a different way, which is just as meaningful as the mandala itself. And I feel really energized to write about the new perspectives I gain. Which brings me to the mandala challenge.

The Mandayla Challenge

Draw. Write. Repeat.

I am challenging myself to draw a new mandala every day for the sheer enjoyment of the exercise, and to see what insights I can glean from them. They are a great tool for igniting creativity and for coming up with new things to write about.

I have been creating larger, elaborate mandalas that can take several days to complete. I will share some of these here as well. But the goal of this project is to create something in a short period of time, on deadline, if you will. This aligns with my other personal goal of learning to write faster.

They will be imperfect, and I won’t have time to change them. And this is by design.


As you might have guessed, I named this blog mandayla because I plan to create a new mandala and publish a fresh blog post every day. The end product isn’t the goal as much as disciplining myself into creating new content every day. Which will ultimately make me a better writer.

I’ve probably spent a week of my life searching for the perfect image to represent something I wrote. And this process will be all-inclusive, as I create my mandala along with my written content.

All writers know that above all else, we must keep writing. And that is the point of this exercise. To keep writing and see what the mandala will draw out of me.

Thanks for visiting, and have a happy mandayla!

Judy Thomas

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