Symmetry Is Overrated

Symmetry Is Overrated

rooster-mandala-6-4-16-mandayla.comI’m still a little stuck on the rooster after spending last weekend in Key West. It’s funny because in Pennsylvania, where I’m from, chickens and roosters are commonplace.

I can recall taking a class trip to a 4H club in grammar school. Our tour included learning about the chickens and the incubators. It was actually really interesting. The baby chicks were definitely a highlight of the trip, but in an educational kind of way.

But in Key West, the roosters are celebrated and doted over. You see them on t-shirts, hats and restaurant signs. I guess it’s just the novelty of seeing a farm animal walking the streets and literally stopping traffic.

Contrary to popular belief, the popular belief I held at least, was that roosters crow in the morning. Not so. One song bird was serenading us at 1 a.m., which would have been annoying if we weren’t on vacation with the option of sleeping in.

And it’s all about the roosters in Key West. Aside from the “Funky Chicken” shop, there were very few references to chickens aside from the ones highlighted as protein options on restaurant menus.

Brad and I talked about this, and he reasoned that it’s because they are the ones strutting their feathers, and making all the noise. Sigh. Sounds familiar.

Anyway, back to the mandala. When I first started drawing mandalas, I was attentive to maintaining symmetry across the circle. It wasn’t long before I became bored with this. I used to draw a lot, but one of the reasons I traded my pencils in for a laptop is that I find I can get my point across much more quickly, succinctly,  and exactly with words. It can take a long time to deliver a similar message with a drawing. And even then, it’s always subject to interpretation. And if you are going for that level of natural imitation, why not just take picture?

Roosters are wild animals, and shouldn’t be confined to a mold. Their feathers aren’t symmetrical, and their unique patterns and colors are what set them apart from each other. Kind of like fingerprints define people, in addition to their other obvious variations.

I let the rooster’s freak feathers fly outward in my mandala, and a bunch of Easter eggs found their way into the mandala. Just like they do in video games. 🙂  I love Easter and Easter Eggs, so this is not surprising. Eggs are  fascinating to me like mandalas. They have a smooth rounded outer shape with a whole world and life going on behind the scenes.

And it’s the chickens who keep this life alive until it’s ready to emerge. It may be one of the few occasions in life when a parent can literally sit on their child without hampering its growth.

Some fire shapes also entered the circle, perhaps representing the warmth inside the mandala, incubator chamber. And how we use fire to enjoy the food provided by the “incredible, edible egg.” jt

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