Animal & Nature Mandalas

Animal & Nature Mandalas

It’s the circle of life and it moves us all
Through despair and hope through faith and love.
Till we find our place on the path unwinding
In the circle the circle of life.
Elton John / Tim Rice


Animals are such wonderful companions, and make our lives whole. age. I’ve included a colorful zentangle of my beagle girl, Lucy. She has a very strong, vibrant personality, which can range from enthusiasm and affection to territorial.

Elephants are the sweetest, gentlest animals, and also lovely to look at. I enjoy seeing them in art and prints, and, if I am lucky, in person. I once watched an elephant do a painting with its tail at the circus in Philadelphia. Now that was impressive.

I’m also drawn to the majesty of lions, and how they wield their power, strength and great beauty.

Nature Mandaylas

Trees are another favorite element. There are so many different kinds, , but I am partial to the ones found in the northeast, where I grew up. I leave my Christmas tree up as long as possible every year.

The mandalas in this section, like most of my drawings, are done on 12 X 12 pieces of acid-free, textured scrapbook paper that be easily framed in an album frame.

colorful lion mandayla mandala
bedazzled deer mandayla mandala
lavender carousel horse mandala



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